Games for Kids’ Halloween Party

Games for Kids’ Halloween Party

Games for Kids’ Halloween Party

Kids’ Halloween party time means fun games and adventures! The main draws of the Halloween season are usually trick-or-treating and dressing up in spooky costumes. However, if you are throwing a Halloween party for kids, you certainly need game ideas to keep them interested and entertained.

Tips on Hosting a Fun Kids’ Halloween Party

Are you wondering how to throw a kid’s party that is both entertaining and easy at the same time? It is simpler to plan than you think! Ask the kids to dress up, have some Halloween-themed snacks on hand, and get a few fun games to play. Below are tips to ensure that everyone is having a good time at your party.

1. Play It by Age

Consider the age range of the children invited to ensure your games and activities do not frighten or bore them. Also, this will help you know what Halloween party decorations are age-appropriate.

2. Pick a Theme

There are several children’s Halloween themes to choose from for your party. Most children will enjoy a scary magical forest or a not-so-scary monster-themed party. A circus theme Halloween is a perfect idea for toddlers as it allows them to have fun by dressing up as animals! Get creative with the theme!

3. Play Games

Although children have a magical way of entertaining themselves, factor in some easy Halloween party games. Try a dance-off contest, crafting project, or take kids outside for a trick-or-treat game to fill some of the party time. A simple game of Halloween charades is suitable for all ages and will get your party troopers wiggling and laughing as they play pretend.

Fun Games for Your Child’s Halloween Party 

If you are hosting a Halloween party, there are plenty of games to keep the kids occupied until the monsters come out. No more spending time searching for game ideas; these are spooky Halloween games for kids that they will love.
Fun Kids’ Halloween Party

1. Monster Freeze Dance

Freeze dances are the perfect chance for kids to showcase their silliest dance moves. Everyone should dance only while the music is on; immediately the music stops, they all have to freeze like statues. Any child caught moving when the music is off is out of the game. The winner is the last child standing. Always select great music for the Halloween season and that kids will enjoy dancing to during the game.

2. Eyeball Relay Race

The game is a Halloween variation of the classic Egg and Spoon Relay game. All you need are two ping pong balls (paint it to look like bloodshot eyeballs) and two spoons. Separate the children into groups depending on their numbers. Then, ask each group to line up behind the starting line and give the first player of each team an eyeball and a spoon. The rules of the eyeball game are simple to explain to little kids. Immediately you say “Start,” the first child of each team must run to a previously marked spot, turn around, and race back to their starting point. Balancing the eyeball on the spoon is essential. If the eyeball falls off the spoon, they must pick it up, return to the starting line, and start the game again. Immediately the first player finishes, they pass the eyeball to the next child in line to repeat the race. The first team where every child returns to the starting point is the crowned winner of the relay race.

3. Musical Pumpkins

Carve pumpkin shapes out of construction paper and display them on the floor.  Just as in the classic musical chairs games, the children should move from one pumpkin to the next while the music plays. To ensure everyone is participating, share the removed pumpkin at each round with the other kids not playing at the moment. When the game ends, every child has to squeeze into a spot.

4. Marshmallow Ghosts On a String 

Children will enjoy this game because the price is sweeter, and the play rules are easy to get. To play, string a bunch of marshmallows from a rope or string, then ask the kids to compete to eat the spooky treat. The marshmallows shouldn’t fall when the kids play, which is tasking because their hands stay behind their backs. To make it more challenging, sway or lift the rope and watch everyone giggle as they make a spectacle of eating the marshmallows.

5. Skeleton Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are simple to set up and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor Halloween parties. Disassemble paper or plastic skeletons, hide the bones around the party area and then ask the children to hunt for the skeleton parts. If you want an extra challenging game for the kids, ask them to rearrange it into a complete skeleton set after finding the bony treasures.

6. Wiggle Worm

For this goofy game, the kids should work in teams. So divide everyone into two groups and have them form human “worms.” To create the worm, ask the first member of each group to extend their left hand between their legs. Then, the next child behind them should grab the extended left hand with their right hand. The joining of hands should continue until the last child at the end of the line. Once you say “Go!” each team should race to a goal line and back to the starting point. Any team that returns to the starting point first with their worm still intact is declared the winner of the game.

7. Toilet Paper Mummy Race

Children love playing with toilet paper, so what better day than Halloween to let them have the time of their life. Instead of restricting them from wasting toilet paper, ask them to wrap themselves up in a roll of toilet paper. Divide the children into teams and check which of them can mummify their teammate first in this activity. An added plus is that this action-packed contest is much more entertaining to kids than toilet papering the house.


Most Halloween games tap into your child’s motor skills and analytical thinking skills. Others either spark some friendly competition or are silly ways to pass the time and make your little ones smile. Ensure you make the Halloween party memorable for everyone involved with the selected games and food of choice. After the party, you can mail photos to each kid’s parents or upload digital images to relive the fun.