What kind of wood are your toys made of?+

Bimi Boo toys are made from safe, durable, premium quality wood and colored with non-toxic paints. Each toy has been created from a unique design and sketches. All parts of toys are light, hand-polished, and have no sharp edges or splinters. Certified by the USA and the EU.

Which are international standard certifications Bimi Boo received?+

ASTM (USA) & EN71 (Europe) are international safety standards for products. FDA 21 CFR 176.170–Chloroform-soluble extractive residues

Are your toys safe for children?+

At Bimi Boo Toys, we realize that the safety of your kids is of the utmost importance. We want to assure every parent that all Bimi Boo Toys products comply with rigorous safety standards. Our toys meet the European (EN71) and American (ASTM) safety requirements. We use only organic color pigment and water-based paints for all the products, which is safer than chemical paints, which contain lead or any other heavy metals. This makes it safe for children and environmentally friendly.

Is it safe for children to put toys in their mouths?+

Yes. Our toys are made from high-quality wood, preservative-free and naturally processed. Since no harmful additives or colorings are used, and our water-based dyes are safety certified, it poses no health hazard if a child accidentally puts it in their mouth.

Can I get replacement parts for my toys?+

No, but we can replace the whole product if it is broken for your convenience.

Why is the painting/texture of my wooden toy slightly uneven?+

Naturally, slight unevenness can be expected because we use natural wood. This is what makes each of our toys unique. However, if you find your toy defective, we can replace it with a new one.

What if I'm not happy with my toy?+

We want you to be happy and satisfied. Please feel free to write via toys@bimiboo.com or call us at +1 718 514 27 26 for an individual assessment.

Does Bimi Boo Toys take orders over the phone?+

For your financial protection, we cannot take your order over the phone.

Can I cancel or adjust my order?+

We do our best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. Once your order is submitted, it cannot be canceled or changed.

What if I want to purchase a larger quantity than what is available?+

Email toys@bimiboo.com, and we can assist you.

How can I contact Bimi Boo Toys?+

You can contact us via email toys@bimiboo.com or Contact Us form.

I have some suggestions for your toy or design idea. I'd like to submit. How can I discuss it with you?+

Of course, we are open to your suggestions and always listen to our customers. We welcome any possible collaboration with our customers to ensure they enjoy our toys' full and most meaningful benefits. We reserve the rights to release toys and implement corrections. Please send your suggestion and/or design proposal via toys@bimiboo.com.

Are there any special care instructions for Bimi Boo Toys` product?+

You can easily clean and care of our toys by following the guideline below: After playing, use a damp cloth to clean and dry the toys rigorously. Preferably, do not use standard cleaning products unless marked as non-toxic because they may contain chemicals and toxic elements that children can easily absorb. Keep toys, especially ones that contain rubber parts, in a dry environment and avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. Examine your toys regularly to ensure that they are in good condition. Do not soak the toys in the water.

Are Bimi Boo toys educational?+

Our toys are crafted to be educational and gripping to enchant the child's development while also facilitating fun and creativity. Each toy has been created from a unique design and sketches to develop hand-eye coordination, imagination, logic, manual dexterity, critical thinking, problem-solving, color recognition, and fine motor skills.

Where are Bimi Boo toys manufactured?+

Our wooden toys are manufactured in China using premium quality wood from sustainable and healthy forests. Our manufacturing process - cutting, sanding, polishing, and painting- is undertaken at our suppliers` factory at the same location.

What age range are your products suitable for?+

We have a wide variety of products for most ages and the stages of development. Most of our toys are for 2-5 years old kids. More details can be found on our product pages, and if you've got any other questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Are your toys and packaging biodegradable?+

Our toys are primarily biodegradable because they are made from wood and use non-toxic colors and no chemicals harmful to humans` health and the environment. But some small parts in some of our toys are made from metal and plastic to make the toy stronger; those are not biodegradable. But we do not stop searching for biodegradable materials to replace them. However, we encourage you to share the toy that your kid did not play with other kids. The toy must be recycled properly if it is broken or can not be fixed.

What are the delivery costs?+

Shipping cost is calculated automatically at checkout, depending on the delivery address.