Bimi Boo Wooden Toys For Your Holiday Season

Bimi Boo Wooden Toys For Your Holiday Season

Bimi Boo Wooden Toys For Your Holiday Season

Why Bimi Boo Kids Toys?

The holiday season is here. Parents and caregivers are once again searching for toys for kids, that would be high-quality, durable, safe, and environmentally friendly, and also has a focus on education, skills development, and bring joy to a child.

Bimi Boo was founded in 2017, to help parents and educators in the development of toddlers and preschool children, offering high-quality and safe toys, games, music, apps, and cartoons.

At Bimi Boo our mission is to create toys that are both fun and educational for kids aged 2-5 years old. By cultivating a sense of wonder and curiosity our toys encourage children to learn through play. Check out the main reasons why you'll love Bimi Boo Wooden Toys! 

Quality and Sturdiness

Bimi Boo Kids Toys are made from superior parts and durable long-lasting materials.  We use only high-quality wood, such as beechwood, rubberwood, and other types of hand-polished wood. After production, we thoroughly inspect each product and dispose of all substandard toys.   As a result, we supply only the highest quality and safe products for your children. High-quality materials, professionalism, and attention to detail allow the toys of the Bimi Boo brand to last for a long time.

Safe and…safer

Bimi Boo Toys meet the highest safety standards.  All Bimi Boo products are certified in  the USA and Europe with ASTM and EN71 certifications. These toy safety standards show our toys are free from heavy elements like lead, free of microbiological dangers that can cause sickness, and choking hazards caused by small parts.  Bimi Boo products meet all American and European safety standards. To improve and develop our toys every month we collect feedback and reviews from customers and based on this data we make improvements and develop new products.  


Educational and Developmentally Focused

All Bimi Boo Kids toys are STEM and Monessori inspired and designed. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Methematics are paramount in equipping kids with the 21st-century skills they will need to be successful adults.  Additionally, Bimi Boo wooden toys are designed with Montessori Method objectives: make learning joyful, encourage curiosity, and grow self-confident children, and to be educational, fun, and nurturing for toddlers and preschoolers. Bimi Boo toys help develop essential skills for early childhood education.

Environmentally Aware and Earth Friendly

All Bimi Boo products are created only from eco-friendly materials, lead- and phthalates-free, natural wood, and non-toxic paints. This creates a connection with nature through touch, enhancing a child’s physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Each piece is hand polished to remove splinters, sharp edges, and rough spots, ensuring the highest level of safety for kids. Each part of the toy was created for smaller hands to make it easy for little fingers to grasp.

Craftsmanship and Distinction

Each toy has been created from a unique Classical Outline sketch. By using a nostalgic design concept we create toys that are safe, educational, attracti

and offer beautiful room decor.

Bimi Boo Community

Bimi Boo offers more than toys. Bimi Boo Kids creates educational apps, songs and cartoons streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Over 100 million families know and enjoy Bimi Boo products, making Bimi Boo apps one of the Top 3 applications downloaded for children under 5 and more than two million installations in one month alone!

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